I offer a convenient and competitively-priced alternative to going to the day spa, clinic or gym. Receive a session right in the comfort of your own home, office, hotel room, special event or even your RV! All complete with table, sheets, and oils or creams. Many have found me to be an exceptional alternative because of the lower price, the far superior service, and the convenience and comfort of having their own personal therapist that comes to them. I am mainly mobile but if you do prefer to stop in I also have my own private studio located on my ranch in Winchester where I also perform therapy on horses


As an Orthotherapist I offer both spa and clinical massage techniques, calisthenics and stretching, plus other therapeutic services helping clients to relax and relieve stress, fix and prevent injuries or just for increased fitness and flexibility. Employing a personalized strategy that considers the clients unique conditions, needs and circumstances, I use the most appropriate interventions considering the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions to help them regain and maintain optimum health. Learn More

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 Corrective Bodywork & Resistance Stretching

 Massage Therapy

Assisted Stretching

Personal Training/Exercise Therapy

Elective Ultrasound

Womens Wellness

Equine Massage & Stretching

What does an Orthotherapist do?

An Orthotherapist, in conjunction to a physical therapist, is a health professional who focuses on soft tissue alignment to alleviate body pain caused by postural imbalance, injuries or congested areas. Bad posture, weak or restricted muscles and Distortions or disorganization in the soft tissue can result in many types of pain and symptoms.

The use of mechanical force and movements (bio-mechanics) promote mobility, in otherwise impaired or painful movements.  Learn More

I help you:
  • Utilize as a first option, non-invasive, non surgical, and therapeutic techniques to improve your general health and wellness
  • Prevent Injury's
  • Recover from injury and surgery
  • Relieve and overcome chronic pain
  • Improve fitness and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and anxiety